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Results: Can You Photos From Shutterfly To Your Computer

To download an image from a Shutterfly Share Site: View a picture on a Shutterfly Share Site; click the thumbnail to view the full-size image. Mouseover the full-size image to see a drop-down menu, shown below. Click the "Download picture" option in the drop-down menu. 22 Aug - 2 min - Uploaded by #asktaw In addition to a large catalog of customizable photo products, Shutterfly offers you several.

From the main Shutterfly interface, you can email pictures and post photos or albums to Facebook, though neither option offers high-resolution downloading capabilities. With Shutterfly Share Sites and the Shutterfly iOS app, on the other hand, you can save images at print-quality resolution.

Once you have uploaded your photos to Shutterfly, you can order prints, photo books, or cards and stationary. You can also view your photos online, but not at the full resolution at which the images were uploaded. Select a location on your computer to save the photo and then click "Save.".

Download all pictures from your Shutterfly album to your computer. NOTE: If the extension doesn't work for you, send your comments to. Here's how to download everything and put it all in one place. read our tips on what to do before your photos are transferred to Shutterfly. . On a Mac or Windows PC, it will save the images to your Pictures folder in a folder. Shutterfly does not let you mass download the photos. But, here's how you can bulk download shutterfly photos to your computer.

Hi CU Agent varam,. Are you a subscribed member of shutterfly? (if yes you would be able to tranfer files,if no subscribe for membership).

How To Download Pics From Shutterfly. Our Photo Sharing site is hosted by Shutterfly. Then select SAVE IMAGE AS and save the image to your computer. How to Upload Photos Onto Shutterfly: If you are confused on how to Upload Photos onto Shutterfly or simply cannot find the upload button, here's how to do it. You can download your images one at a time from your Shutterfly account (or Click the "Select photos from your computer" button to bring up the File Open.

Open your Internet browser. Go to Click the link on the right that says, “Sign in.”.

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